about massage medicineHere is a little about myself.  I love travel, dance, laugh, try new restaurants, cafes, go to zumba,  have animals, & so much more!  When you hear people say life is always changing, I am a good example. For many years my major interest in life was learning History and Political Science, which became my major at Mount Holyoke College, finishing 1993. Reading the paper, Time magazine, and watching the news was me. I lived abroad in France for almost 2 years and I know europe pretty well. After college, I became a foreign language teacher of French for 5 years and I really loved that. But, little by little, the massage practice was really speaking to me and well, look at me today. What I love now is to practice natural health, happiness and helping others achieve that.

I attended the Polarity Realization Institute in Portland, ME which is now Spa Tech. I  and have been practicing for 22 years and I feel myself wanting to learn more and practice massage and all the modalities it has to offer.

Massage Medicine

22 Monument Square, Suite 412

Portland, ME 04101

 207-650-9979 or email maureen@massagemedicine.com

*Maureen is a member of “abmp,” Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals