I was visiting Portland for the weekend, met Maureen, and decided to try a massage. Wow, was that the right decision! Maureen is an extremely talented massage therapist. She offers many treatments that were new to me including ashiatsu and use of heat (stones, hands). While I was a bit intimidated about trying ashiatsu, Maureen was very skilled and balanced with her pressure and she checked in often to make sure all was good. Throughout the massage it felt terrific as Maureen worked through muscle tension and stress, especially in my shoulders and lower back. Now a few days later, I am still feeling more relaxed and also noticeably more flexible. Unfortunately I don’t live in Portland but if I did, I would definitely try to see Maureen regularly. I highly recommend requesting a treatment!  Jackie Cefola – Massachusetts

Every visit that I have had with Maureen has been exceptional. I have had many different massages and her style and approach is by far the best! When you step into her studio you step into an environment that speaks relaxation. Not only do I leave with a rejuvenated body, but Maureen’s caring attitude and amazing personality rejuvenates the mind. I can not say enough good about Maureen and my experiences with her. If you need a Massage look no further!  Patrick Cianciolo

I’m still reeling from Maureen’s massage yesterday! I found Maureen’s massage approach to be fluid, focused and comprehensive — from head to toe. Her technique was deep, yet relaxing and the lower back pain I was experiencing was completely gone today. Maureen has a true spiritual gift. Even though I live in Boston, I’ll be back for more of her healing hands. She’s worth the trip! Vicki Adjami, Boston


Happy New Year! Bryan and I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for a wonderful massage.  We both thought it was above and beyond any expectations that we had.  I’ve had quite a few massages and I must say yours was by far the best!  So, thank you! And we will see you again in a few months on our next trip to Maine!  April & Bryan


I’ve had massages from at least a dozen different therapists in my life.  Maureen at Massage Medicine is the absolute best I’ve ever had.  She has great hands and feet!  She works on the spots that I know of and she always finds places that I didn’t even realize were tight.  I so look forward to sessions with Maureen and I do not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.  One massage will convince you too!   Dave Page


What a gemstone you have in the portland area. I drive 2 hours one way to come visit Maureen and it is so worth it. 2 hours of total bliss, between her Ashiatsu skills and cupping i get an amazing experience each and every time. Maureen is great at reading the body, knowing what pressure or even which one of her many tools (cupping, oils, hot stones, hands or feet etc) that is needed. I felt like I melted into the table and become one with it like melted butter in the summer time in the butter dish. The worst part… when it ends and my time is up. Two thumbs way up!!! I say teleport her to my town any day!  Laura Holt


Over the past 15 years, I’ve tried many techniques to manage pain from sports injuries, to the stress of my job, to the discomfort that comes from traveling. For me, Maureen’s technique tops them all–and this includes a long list: physical therapy, chiropractic, Swedish, isolated-active stretching, and even a few exotic European techniques. And while I’m sure the training and techniques she employs are important, that’s not as impressive as her ability to, “listen to the body” and do what’s needed. While I know what is sore, she knows how to address the root causes. When I walk out after a session, I often think back to all the other times I’ve had a massage and am thankful to have found someone who knows their craft.  www.nationsphoto.com  Jim Philipps


It was SUCH a treat to meet you and you did so much good for David–he’s still raving about his massage. He couldn’t stop talking about how much better he feels and was so taken with your approach.  We will definitely be back the next time we are in Portland.Thanks again. We’re so glad we met you!  Warmly, Lori & David


I had been a regular client of Maureen’s when living in Maine.  However, my work had me relocate to NYC.  Now, that part is    wonderful, but since I have been living there I haven’t found a therapist like her.  So, what do I do is each time I make it over to Maine to see the  family?  I put Maureen on the list of priorities!  Jenny Mueller,  Gyn Oncologist


I  have gone to Maureen monthly for the past year, an event my body and spiritual well being look forward to with    great anticipation. I always leave with an undescribable sense of renewal, every muscle and joint repositioned and streched. I have had professional massage therapy at some of the best facilities in the world and I can say without reserve, Maureen is world class. Shel Horowitz, Ph.D

Just got another sweet email and I had to add it….Got his permission!:

“Dear Maureen,

I am so grateful and cannot thank you enough for the work you did on my body this past week.My chronic neck and shoulder pain had dominated my life for over a year or more. The day after your massage I felt like a new man!  I had forgotten what it was like to be pain free. It was like years and years of stress and tension were simply washed away. I wish I had made an appointment sooner.You are magic! Thank you! Most sincerely  David Patrick


I just got the nicest email from a new client.  He said I can post his comment…so he said:  “Maureen, I just had to thank you for the massage you gave me yesterday!  I don’t know exactly what you did but I feel better than I have in years.  I just got up this morning and every muscle and joint was comfortable and refueled.  I have more energy than I have had in a while!  Thanks you so much.  You will see me again very soon!”  Dean Rogers


Hi Maureen! I feel very lucky: an amaaaazing massage and a new friend! What could be better? I feel so so so much better but I want more. You have the most loving touch I have ever felt in a massage. Thank you again…love Maine and I miss it already!  Sending hugs..come to NYC soon!! Abby Strauss, NYC


My wife loves massages and has enjoyed many through the years.  But I personally wasn’t quite as comfortable and had only had 1 in 50 years!  Nonetheless, I tried it out and I am really glad I did.  We BOTH were overjoyed with the experience and felt right at home.  Maureen uses hands, arms, even feet; the experience is otherworldly.  We left so relaxed and joyous. We will certainly be back!  Massage makes a great present, especially if the massage therapist is Maureen.  Denise and David, New York


I used to spend a lot of time in Portland for work and now that I don’t, I find any excuse I can to get back to Portland for a massage with Maureen!  She is the best I have ever found in the Northeast and I will follow her anywhere.  Ken Reardon


And then, Ken sent his wife over to Maine….

“My husband Ken,  recommended that I see Maureen for a massage. We live in Plymouth MA, but my husband frequently works in Portland and has been a client of Maureen’s talented message therapy for many years.

On recent  visit to Portland  I finally treated myself to a message with Maureen. It was the best deep muscle message that I’ve ever received.  One of the benefits that I experienced from her massage was that I had a full week of relief from the chronic muscle pain in my Deltoids/Biceps/Triceps Latissimus Dorsi and Quadricep.  I’m not one to splurge on my health, but if I lived closer to Portland I would start seeing Maureen on a weekly basis. She has a seamless and powerful touch with no perceivable movement when she transitions your massage from her hands to her feet. I’d definitely recommend a 1 1/2 hour appointment. You won’t want to get off the table when it’s over. An appointment with Maureen is my top priority when visiting Portland.”  Kit Reardon